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Blinded by the Light
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Down Below are some dark, gloomy stories! Yay!!!!

     I walked into homeroom. All was well. I said hi to him and the expression on his face made me twitch. He poked me. It made me feel weird. I let it go. I saw a relative. We talked. She sat. I sat. A bell rang and we heard it. All was silent. I was weary. The chair I sat swiveled. I had to go.

      The day shall commence.  And I shall watch, from my chair. I will gaze upon earth from my chair. The sun goes down, past my vision. I cannot see the light. All was black on earth. The sun went down and I gazed at it, upon my chair. I tried to stand. I could not find the strength. Was I doomed? Yes. I was doomed. Forever in my chair I gazed upon the earth.

   I was blinded by the light. It pierced me and glided through the window. I felt pain. From where? I did not know. I ran. I wanted to escape the light. It came from all ends. My legs failed. I fell. And in the most intense light, All goes black. Do not try to escape the light for fear of the dark.

   The biggest magnet set in a field of grass, has no power. Was I wrong? The force was strong. I felt it pull. From a distance. It saw me. I was alone. For if a friend, had appeared. All would be saved. And I would be well. I waited. Silence frightens the being who is prone to talk. They did not come. I was alone. A magnet next to wood is just as strong, with the right attraction.

    I write with a blunted pencil. The writing is thick. The graphite wears down. I feel alone in the silence. All colors are the essence of dissapearence. All noises...erased. The feeling obliterates. All goes black. The pencil, has run thin.
     All seems chaotic from the inside. But from and outward perspective, What was I? A bafoon. No. In a land where normal, is relative, All runs free. And I sink into an everlasting pond of turmoil and despair. If it cannot be found then why search for it, from the inside